Featured Article on WeBuyBlack

Soooo.....I am so excited that I could burst. On October 6th, 2020 We Buy Black did an article about my store and how I started.   (Go to  https://webuyblack.com/blog/xclusive-beauty-hair-store/ to see full article).  I am humbled and honored that I was able to be featured. 

Let me tell you how I got to that point. 

As a Black woman who is a veteran, there are many programs out there to assist with start up and what business to get into. I started at a weird point, I already knew that i wanted to get into the hair/beauty  business. I had registered with the state of South Carolina,  got a tax ID number, and EIN (all on my own to keep cost down). You can do all of this yourself to save hundreds of dollars that you can use in advertising or wherever you see fit. 

I choose to use that extra cash I saved and put it towards advertising.  It takes hard work, consistency and motivation to keep going when you first start out.. Even when you haven't had a sale in weeks.  I've had very small few of family and friends supporting my business BUT I didn't let that stop me. I started to network and make solid connections on IG and FB. 

I pray over my business and I know that what is meant for me can NOT be stopped. I have been scammed and mislead but I continue to push forward.  

I say all of that to say this: Believe in your vision even if no one else does!! 

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