Lesson Learned

Today was suppose to be exciting...I was taking part in my first pop-up and being introduced to a brand new audience who knew nothing about me or my brand.

Instead what happen was my vendor site looked sloopy, unprofessional and that a 2 year old child thrown it together. I wanted to cuss, cry then throw things. Instaead, I spent 1 hour looking at other vendors on the website, I noticed I was the only one looking that way. 

You ask why? That is a question I can NOT answer. BUT...this taught me a very valuable lesson...LISTEN TO YOUR GUT!!!!!!!!

As a brand new business, I can write a book about what NOT to do. I thought that this was going to move my business in another direction. Instead I am right where I started. This is not a bad thing but I need to make a new plan. Never be afraid to stop, re-think and re-plan. That is what I will be doing. 

I will figure out this  and make it a sucess. This is but a speed bump in my journey. I can NOT say I know everything but one thing I do know is that my principles will/would NEVER let me do unprofessional things to otheres.

I guess, my blog fans, we will learn together. I will post tips, DOs and Dont's here for FREE. I know that just starting out  as a very small business, money is tight and I will show you ways to save $$$ as you build your brand..

Tune in weekly for the thoughts of me......they will be labels under weekly tips with the dates





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