Welcome to Xclusive Thoughts of a Black Woman esp 2

I have new inventory in my store... for all those that like to try something different, Xclusive Beauty is your place to be. 

I have Tell ‘Em Teal, Purple Passion, Neon Pink, Leprechaun, Grape, Sunflower and Pumpkin. These wigs are lace front and are of the hightest quality of weave out their.. We also have more types of braiding hair in popular colors ranging from 1B to purple.....

I’m appreciative of those who are rooting for me. Be the patient with this store as I,Talona learn and grow. I determined to become a popular Black Owned Beauty Hair Store.

My goal is to have my own store lines in makeup  (eyeliner to foundation to bronze), bath items such as soaps, bombs etc and products for the face.  

As a dark skin n woman many think we all have to the same skin tone and under tones. I want to make a makeup line truly has different options for dark skin women and all the shades of brown.

I will be iadding bath bombs, soaps and facial wash, lotions and MORE in the near future. 

Like always happy shopping 🛍 and thank you for tuning out in to Unique Rambles

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