Welcome to Xclusive Thoughts of a Black Woman eps 5

HAPPY NEW YEAR Xclusive Beauty DIVAS!!!!

Now all we need is for 'Rona to get her butt out of here and sit down somewhere!!!!!

Soooooo  I don't know if you remeber me announcing that I had a brand ambassador BUT I want to give a big shoutout to Miss Stevie for representing my brand .  (Instagram.com/miss_steviekeepitreal) to check her out.

She has such style and elegance. (Miss_steviekeepitreal on IG-go follow, like and support NOW please). I wanted someone who was dark-skinned (because Im dark myself), had style and elegance at all times....even in the  face of bs. (Now if you have something to say about who I chose as a brand i ambassador....kick rocks). 

Has been interviewing since 2012 and has had many great artist, directors and singers on her platform. Will be starting season 15 of the Styles by Stevie show. But me myself, I live for the shade that she gives when people rightly deserve it. Also go subscribe to her youtube channel and so much more. Please go support and let her know that Xclusive Beauty sent you (wink wink).

Want to announce that a lot of changes ARE coming to  the Xclusive Beauty plaforms in the forms of website changes, new products , more products lines etc. Make sure if you subscribed to our mailng list that you check your spam folder and add us to your contact list to hear about our new products and lines.  Will Be sending out emails in the next few weeks about the referral/VIP program and much much more.

THANK YOU for rocking with me as we endured a weird but productive 2020 but now we kicking off the grime and dirt.....and going after everything they said we couldn't!!!!

Who would of thought I would have started a business in the middle of a damn pandemic??

Stay blessed and safe!


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