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Im starting this year off with positivity, affirmations, prayer and exercise every single day👏🏿. I am determined to start and keep this year flowing in the right direction. I spend so much time taking care of others that I was neglecting myself. I was going ten thousand for people who didn’t or wouldn’t take a step for me. NO MORE!! I’m giving and returning energy at all times. 

I am focusing on getting my business out there and shaping my brand. People don’t realize that EVERY interaction they have with the public reflects on their brand and can affect your business reputation. I try to reflect and process any interaction before I react.  I give an opportunity to express then move on. No more reflecting on the past. I wasn’t always this person, I am thankful that I was delivered from the foolishness.  BUT some take me being quiet for scariness....not at all sis. I’m to grown and have to much to lose. I no longer will be dealing with problematic people or situations. They don’t deserve a second of my time. 

Stay true to yourself and your integrity. Never let anyone change who YOU are. You are beautiful with your funny, querky, hair in a bun, at home self.

During this pandemic make time for self love 💕 . He the inside as well as the outer.

Thank you for reading my Xclusive Thoughts of a Black Woman.

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