Welcome to Xclusive Thoughts of a Black Woman esp 4

I have expanded out into getting a better variety of hair types. I want to be the place you think of when you need any beauty/hair needs. I want to make looking good affordable and fashionable.  

Let's talk about this past week cause chile, I was ready to throw it all in. 

I was so frustrated this week with adding inventory and trying to get my shipping together. Im am illiterate when it comes to this but as a new business I'm trying to save all the coins I can. I had to take some time away to become re-focused and to get my enthusiasm back. I trying to be consistent and keep my trust in the process, BUT  we will see.

Sometimes you are too close to the situation and you need a fresh pair of eyes. Never take any criticism,  suggestions or complaints personal. Use it to improve your business and brand. You are not going to know EVERYTHING. I have learned so much through trial and error. I have made mistakes that have taught me swift BUT valuable lessons.

Its ok to step away, then come back fresh. Its ok to reach out to someone for assistance or to double,  triple and quadruple check behind you .

I'm appreciative of my small tribe of 2 people who I can use to check behind me and/or to get assistance if needed. Value those people because in this world 🌎 today not many will look out for your best interests.

Make sure you go to www.xclusivebeautyhair.com  and check out my new inventory.

Happy Shopping 🛍 

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